Damage and wear & tear happen more frequently with tactical gear than other products, 


all lead devil belts use authentic cobra/AustriAlpin buckles, these buckles can easily last 10+ years depending on the type of and frequency of use. Lead Devil tactical webbing and the hook and loop fasteners we use can easily last for many years as well, but wear and tear, damage, and theft happen. the majority of damage and wear & tear occur with the webbing and hook and loop portions of tactical belts while the Cobra buckles remain perfectly fine; leaving the owner with no choice but to purchase a whole new belt system, and replacing tactical gear gets expensive. thats why we created the lead devil replacement program. here's how the program works:

For the life of the original Cobra buckle on your lead devil belt we will replace the entire belt (webbing and hook and loop) on the original buckle for a fraction of the original cost of the belt regardless of the frequency. We will do this under the following conditions:


if it's been at least one year from the original date of PURCHASE or last replacement, regardless if belt is damaged or not, we will replace your belt (webbing and hook and loop) on your original cobra buckle every year for the life of said buckle at below listed prices. 

  • Wear & Tear, damage, and theft

    EVERY TIME damage or wear and tear render the belt (webbing and hook and loop) unsafe, unusable, or you are not confident in the belt.

    theft, so long as a copy of police report and report number accompany request.

    exposure to bodily fluid or harmful chemicals that can not be washed out of webbing or hook and loop fabric.


  • Tactician Belt W/D-Ring $75

  • Tactician Belt No D-Ring $70

  • Riggers Belt $55

  • Tactician Belt $75 W/D-RING, $70 NO D-RING

  • Operator Belt $47

  • Plain Clothes/EDC $28

  • Predator Inner $25

  • Purchaser pays for Shipping


  • Tactician Belt $95 W/D-ring $85 No D-ring

  • Riggers Belt $75

  • Operator Belt $67

  • Predator Inner $35

  • Plain Clothes $35

  • Purchaser pays for shipping


Simply take a photo of the damage/wear & tear and email it to info@leadevilusa.com with "replacement program" in the subject line, include a short description of the issue. if your belt was PURCHASED from our website you will need to reference your order number, if you purchased it from an authorized lead devil retailer you will need a copy of your original receipt with your email. If its a maintenance replacement follow above directions and mention "maintenance" in the narrative of the email. once we receive your email We will provide you with your claim number and directions on how to proceed. This process is quick and easy.


all conditions of this program apply only to the original purchaser, and when the belt(s) were purchased from leaddevilusa.com or an Authorized lead devil retailer. the original Cobra buckle must be returned and fully functional seeing as it will be used on all replacement belts.