2" Executive Inner belt

2" Executive Inner belt

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The Lead Devil Executive Inner belt is the perfect inner belt and a MUST HAVE for Detectives, Executive Protection, security details, or any other detail that requires carrying a firearm and/or other tactical gear while wearing semi-formal / formal attire.

A simple GAME CHANGING inner belt that allows you to wear your Lead Devil Tactical belt with slacks or trousers that only accommodate a 1.50” belt. The Executive inner belt makes slacks feel like tactical pants and alleviates sag while keeping you looking sharp and your gear securely and comfortably in place.

Loop your regular 1.50” dress belt through your pant loops like normal and include the 3 loops on the inside of The Executive Belt so that the Executive belt is now fastened to your dress belt, then adjust the fit to your liking. Once its on, The Executive inner belt fits firmly and flush over your regular belt and provides an ultra comfortable, secure and stable platform for your Lead Devil tactical belt to attach to. So comfortable and secure you’d swear you were wearing jeans or tactical trousers. It also makes bathroom breaks a breeze!

*SIZING The Executive belt goes over your normal dress belt so go + 1 1/2”- 2“ above your OUTSIDE THE PANT waist size.

Made from 2” SCUBA webbing, and lined with unnapped loop fastener for the strngest shear strength avaialbe.

  • 100% Made in the USA with U.S woven webbing

  • Ultra lightweight and non-invasive

  • Unparalleled Shear Strength

  • Custom Unnapped loop fastener  

  • LIFETIME WARRANTY against manufacturer defects 


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