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Used by members of LAPD’s Elite Metropolitan Division; including D-team (SWAT), K9, and elite Law Enforcement units throughout the United States.

Made from our own Lead Devil Tactical Webbing (LDTW), (Learn more in Detail section below) Rigid enough to support any and all gear, yet allows enough flexibility for comfort and fluid movement. 

Our Belts are lined with custom Type-3 Molded Hook to provide the strongest shear strength when combined with the custom Loop fastener used on our inner belts. The Molded Hook is custom cut to perfectly line all Lead Devil Tactical Belts. We DO NOT use regular “velcro hook and loop”.

This belt is lined with custom molded hook fastener, and fastens onto our inner belts which are lined with unnapped loop fastener. The inner belts weave into your pant loops.

All Lead Devil belts use authentic COBRA buckles by AustriAlpin.

Our Lead Devil Replacement Program is included with this belt; it covers wear & tear, damage, maintenance and theft. See details on our home page.

Designed by operators, tactically sound and always on point!


  • 100% Made in The USA

  •  Lined with Low-pro molded hook for the strongest shear strength available.

  • Lead Devil Tactical Webbing is a Special Mil Spec 4088 Type-13 webbing, we CUSTOM WEAVE it specifically for the use in our tactical gear, no other company does this. It’s then resin treated for strength and abrasion resistance, all done in The U.S.

  • Perfect for all tactical ops, on the shooting range, training or soft-clothes warrant service.

  • Covered By our Lead Devil Replacement Program (see section on our home screen header)

  • Authentic Stealth Black COBRA buckle

  • LIFETIME WARRANTY against manufacturer defects

  • GET SOME! 


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