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thee most innovative yet simple design for an inner belt. We Took a 1.75” Austrialpin frame, inverted it because there are grooves at the rear of the buckle that allow the belt to lay flush to your body. By applying the buckle backwards this allows our Predator Belt to have an extremely improved, lower profile than before, laying perfectly flush under your tactical belt.

The Predator Inner Belt is the most secure, durable and well made inner belt available, made from our proprietary Gen II LDTW (Lead Devil Tactical webbing) read more below. The Predator inner belt boasts 360 degree Hook/Loop fastener coverage even with the buckle. It is also covered by The Lead Devil Replacement Program; we cover any and all damage including normal wear and tear (Details below).

The Cobra frame allows the user to either quick loop the belt through one end of the frame, or weave it through the slider for ultimate fastening.

The belt comes with either custom cut unnapped loop, or molded hook fastener.

The Predator can also comfortably support an IWB holster.


DO NOT go off of your pant size, what you think your size is, or what your Mom says your waist size is. To avoid having to return your belts, and extra shipping costs PLEASE measure your waist through your belt loops. Then use this number when referencing our sizing charts. It is common to have your inner belt be one size smaller than your tactical belt. THANK YOU in advance.


  • Lightweight Cobra frame

  • Authentic Lead Devil Tactical Webbing

  • 360 degree custom molded hook Hook, or unnapped Loop fastener coverage for unparalleled shear strength

  • Part of our Lead Devil Belt replacement program (see more on home page)

  • 100% made and manufactured in the USA

  • Gen II Lead Devil Tactical Webbing is our proprietary hybrid webbing. Custom woven here in The U.S specifically for the use in our tactical gear, no other company does this. It’s then resin treated for strength and abrasion resistance.

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